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Explanation of Back/Lay Hedging Calculator:
Take advantage of fluctuating prices on betting exchanges to make a guaranteed profit backing and laying the same selection. This staking system method is also called hedging. This back and lay calculator shows you the exact stake required, providing you supply the current odds available and the odds and stake already matched. Hedging is often possible when betting in-play as odds can vary greatly.

Instructions for Back and Lay Hedge Calculator:
Key the odds (in decimal format) and stake you have already had matched on the top line.
Key the odds available now on the second line. If the current odds are lower the calculator will assume you originally backed the matched odds, if the current odds are higher the calculator will assume you originally layed the matched odds. If this is not the case then continuing to bet will NOT guarantee a profit, but will show you a guaranteed loss, though the potential loss will now be reduced. The assumed back/lay is shown in the third column.
The current stake calculated is the amount you should stake to guarantee the profit shown on line five. The other figures are further detailed information, these are explained in the example below. The two advice lines summarise the results to help clarify the implications of making this second bet.
Any commission charged by the betting exchange is not shown in this calculation.

Example Calculation: (If not shown above then reset here).
You have already had a bet of £10 matched, backing a selection at odds of 10.00.
The current price for this outcome is 8.00. The current stake shows you that you should lay £12.50 at this price.
This will guarantee a profit of £2.50.
Assuming you lay £12.50 you are now liable for £97.50 (£10 back plus £87.50 lay) but if the selection wins you will win £90 and pay out £87.50, if it loses you will lose your backing stake of £10 but win the layed stake of £12.50. These two scenarios (outcome win or lose) are shown under the columns Profit if Wins / Profit if Loses.
If you change the current odds to 12.50 then the calculator will assume that you had originally LAYED £10 on the outcome at odds of 10.00 and now recommends that you back £8.00 at 12.50 to guarantee a profit of £2.00. If you did not LAY originally then you will not be guaranteeing a profit but could now lay a saver bet to reduce your loss.
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