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Explanation of Each Way Single Bet Calculator:
An each way bet means you win for both the selection winning (at full odds) and placing (normally 1/4 or 1/5 odds). This calculates the amount you win if your selection wins, or if your selection only places.

Instructions for Each Way Single Bet Calculator:
Enter the total stake (ie 5 each way is 10 total stake) and the odds in decimal (eg 3.50) or fraction (eg 5/2) format. Select the amount the bookmaker is paying for place, and specify whether the selection wins or places.

Example Calculation: (If not shown above then reset here).
10 staked (5 on the win, 5 on the place) at odds of 9/1 (or 10.00). The selection wins, and a place pays at 1/4 odds. The return for the win is 50 (5x10.00), the return for the place is 16.25. The total return is 66.25, minus the staked 10 gives a profit of 56.25.
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